Privacy Supplement

January 28, 2015

Your Privacy in Nokia Z Launcher

Nokia’s Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data when you use our products and services. In addition the following applies to your use of Nokia Z Launcher (“the Service”).

The Service consists of a software application and cloud service that learns what applications and websites you use and which people you contact in different contexts and puts these items in front of you for quick access when we think they might be relevant. To make this happen, the Service requires contextual processing of information about the way you use your device, for example your call and other communication history, browsing events, contacts, location data and use of other applications on your device.that is used to launch your applications and widgets from the main screen of your device. The Service utilizes a predictive engine that analyzes your use of your device and provides you actions based on predictions of what you may want to do next with your device. The same information is also used to create visibility to you on how you use your device.

What information do we collect?

The Service makes use of information available on your device. The predictions are based on in-device analytics. However, the information may also be sent to Nokia in case you participate in the Service improvement program. The information includes following categories:

  • Application Token – This is a random identifier that is created when you first run the Service and that you can refresh, on demand from Service settings. The identifier is not linked to your mobile device’s identity.

  • Bookmarks – The browser bookmarks stored in your browser.

  • Call History – The inbound and outbound call information, including date and time stamp of the call and the phone number and associated contact name, if the number is in your phone book. Content of your communications is not recorded nor sent to Nokia.

  • Contacts – The names of the contacts you have called or received calls from, based on entries in your phone book.

  • Device Identifier – This is a device-specific, unique identifier that is created when you first run the Service that is used to meet license management obligations. The identifier is based on a de-identification transformation of your mobile device’s identity.

  • Favorites – The browser bookmarks you have marked as “favorite” in your browser.

  • Feedback – Your feedback on the Service.

  • Gesture Sequence History – The information about the sequence of your touch screen interactions. This includes data indicating which parts of the screen you touch, the sequence of steps in launching an application and similar such touch screen interactions. The information will not be used as a key logger.

  • Launch History – Contextual data about the applications you launch, such as the location you were at and the time when these were launched.

  • Location – The actual position (“Location Data”) where you currently are and where you have been, if Location Data is available. Location Data is based on available position methods, such as Assisted GPS or IP-address and you may use your device’s location setting to control application access to the Location Data. The Location Data is associated with your various categories of actions on your device.

  • Messaging History – The inbound and outbound SMS (text message) and MMS (picture message) information, including date and time stamp and phone number of the other messaging party(ies). The content of your messages is not recorded nor sent to Nokia.

  • Notifications – Information provided by the system that describes an event or status related to the system or an application, for example the song you are listening to or the fact you have a voice mail waiting to be played.

  • Search History – The search text for previous browser searches.

How do we use that information?

The Service includes an in-device analytics engine that predicts what action you will want to do next on your device. The analytics engine uses your past actions to make its prediction. The information the Service collects, as described above, forms the basis for the prediction of your future actions.

The Service may send this information to Nokia, if you participate in the Service improvement program. You may disable the sending of this information by changing the settings for participation in the Service improvement program.

How long do we keep the information?

The information collected on your device by the Service will remain on the device until you decide to uninstall the Service. Periodically, as the Service transfers the information to Nokia, it will be deleted from the device. Nokia will delete the information it collects when it is no longer needed for the purposes of the Service.

Do we share that information?

As explained in more detail in our privacy policy, we may share your personal data:

  • With your consent;
  • With Nokia companies and authorized third-parties, who process personal data on our behalf;
  • Where there is legal requirement to do so.

What are your choices?

The Service allows you to uninstall the Service from your device. If you uninstall the Service the information collected on your device will be deleted.

The Service allows you to opt-out of participation in the Service improvement program.

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